Listings for it have been popping up in indie stores but none have been made available yet. Stores have been getting very few (~3) signed copies so seems it will be like her book again where very limited copies will be available at store locations only. Heads up for anyone. Here’s to hoping they go live online soon.

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I’m hoping she posts some on her site after all the record store ones sell, the same way Taylor did. 

Fat chance if the book release is anything to go by.

Does your signed card have a barcode sticker on the back?

They all do dude 

Not really.  There have been some without the barcode sticker in UK and US stores.  This is according to a post I read on RACC

Biggest stores in my area didn't get any

A bit frustrating to see anything signed by Billie is only for the US market, and kudos to Taylor Swift for not forgetting her fans in other countries. 

Yes Well Done Taylor - thinking of your Worldwide fans!

Anybody know if any AZ record stores received them??? I've been calling around and so far no one has them.

I couldn't find any but no real records stores nearby just some small ones that sell vinyl only. 

One on Ebay already for $400!! LOL 

Her autographs prices are crazy. I remember when she released the signed Bad Guy cassette singles they were selling all day long on ebay for around $40-70... I looked maybe 6 or 7 months ago out of curiosity and they were like $125... then more recently I've seen them sell for $250-450. Wish I had bought all the $50-60 ones on eBay back then haha. 


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