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And it is an immediate action!

I got my two from Newbury today. Nice bold signatures. Plus they're actually the signed vinyl jacket (in addition to the sealed vinyl) as promised which is nice, no artcards/postcards switch.

WOW!!!  Those look amazing!!  I am so bummed I missed getting one of these.  I love Billy Idol...I grew up listening to him.  If anyone is selling, please let me know.

Thank you!

Yeah, Newbury rarely disappoints. Arrived well packed and looks great.

I got my record today from Billy's official site. About an hour before it got delivered I got an email stating that the signed jacket was not included and would be shipped at a later date. Claiming the same old BS of Covid causing delays. Well if you got 1000 covers printed what would it take to printing an extra bunch at the same time? Especially since you knew how many you were selling. Or why not open the one being shipped out and sign it? Just have a bad feeling about this. Because technically you can't even make claim, you got what you ordered. The signed sleeve was just a bonus.


How did Newbury get there copies before his own site? I should have just ordered them all from Newbury.

I got the same e-mail two days ago. I ordered two and I received my two copies today and a Autographed Jacket just for the one. I sent an e-mail asking if I will received the other Jacket. They   included the Invoice which has the wrong amount for my Order. So I don't know if I will get the second Autograph Jacket or monies that they will own me back. As I paid over $60 bucks.  The second one was going to be a gift....

My LP came from his website with the signed jacket even though I got the same email about delays. Looks great!

Looks great indeed.  I got my signed LP yesterday, looks very similar to yours, except mine looks like his silver Sharpie was starting to run out of ink. At least it wasn't smudged.

Dare I say the ones from his website are even nicer? This just arrived today.



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