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I am pretty sure S&S is not operating the autopen machine.  S&S is on the hook for accepting a return for refund.

But I thought people here wanted to stop the problem at the source?  In that scenario you need to follow the books back upstream.

Are you thinking upstream like one of these?

Bob Dylan's Manager

Jeff Kramer
OK Management
275 South Beverly Drive
Suite 215
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone: 310-535-1647

Bob Dylan's Agent

Brian Greenbaum
Creative Artists Agency
2000 Avenue Of The Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: 424-288-2000


The resellers on ebay need contacting, I'm already chatting to 2 - one has removed theirs from sale (the one with the photo matching Richard Booths) the other is still up for sale @ $9876.00 though 

as a new twist, we have this going on with Penguin trying to purchase S&S.. 


Blocked just under 3 weeks ago and now sent to appeals 


I just can't believe they're still listed on the S+S site... the audacity. 

Who knows how many copies they have  actually  sold - they've lied about everything else - they could have sold 10 thousand copies / 50 thousand copies or more for all we know ! 

They are still for sale on their website - so still committing mass fraud as i type ! 

This one on ebay is the same as conker and Nicholes 


so that's 3 the same !

I called the CEO's office at Simon & Schuster.  You couldn't talk to anyone of leave a message.  But the message said to email Janet.cameron@simonandschuster,com

You know what to do!

I havent tried it yet but has anyone tried the 1st . last name email format, jonathan.karp@simonandschuster.com

EDIT: just tried and no mailer demons yet...

That is who I emailed the day they went onsale and their VP wrote me back pretty quickly. So that is the correct email.



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