Bob is coming to Australia who has met him and did he sign for you or not...and where...also does anyone know why he has a reputation for being so grumpy

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I agree that when I tried for him it was defiantly over the top with his security, but when I tried I didn’t know how it was going to go, you live and you learn. But beside how Dylan wants his security to act he has written some of the greatest songs we have ever heard. You can’t deni that. He’s not the only one like Clapton who doesn’t want to talk to people and I still value their work and know and understand that they are also people and don’t want to be bothered.

a real signed album should set u back about 5k

if u see Dylan be very careful his bodyguards are trained in marshall arts

hes one very weird guy

u might spend 5 or t0 years on him and still get nothing

Recordmecca has a Nobel lecture Dylan book for 10k. Sometimes Dylan signed serial graphs that come up for sale. My friend won a signed album of Dylan's at his concert in the 80s.

Record Mecca is specializes in Dylan. They do others but they are the Dylan pros.

Definitely worth a look.

mike w usually charge 5k for a signed album don't know if his price went up or what his stock is

I have no idea if this is allowed sorry if it isnt, I have a Freewheelin' signed vinyl from Mike Wehrmann, with his handwritten LOA that I would sell. 


In this case, since he asked, it's OK.

I really like yours Xwiesy! It's a nice, big, bold signature. And Mike Wehrmann is a highly respected pro IP collector.

Before you read Marc's and my comments, how much were you expecting to sell it for?

Steve, you are too kind. 

I wouldnt take less than 5k for it- the last two at auction got up to double that. 

Does that include my 10%?

HAHA, of course.

Classic image on the free lp.

Wow that is amazing, wonder what it’s like to even get near Dylan?



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