Bon Jovi Drumhead autographs from auction - authentic or not?

Hi guys, 

I just got a gift from a friend of mine (please see pictures below): 

1) Do you think it is authentic? 

2) Do you know anything about the company that has issued the certificate on the back? I googled it but found nothing? 

I would be grateful for any feedback, I just want to know whether these are authentic or not as I am a big fan and treasure such things :) 

Thanks in advance! 

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I have attached a genuine set that I obtained in person for comparison.

I think that will give you some answers.

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oh that is nice

the more i stare at yours and mine, the more they look similar...but not quite :D 

so I suppose you would say fake, right? 

P.s. the certificate and the company - have you heard of it? the item is obtained on a charity auction 

Please don't take this the wrong way, but it is not helpful to simply respond "here is an authentic example for comparison."

I have seen many members here do the same thing.

To the UNTRAINED eye, they look very similar. That's what forgers do... they make fakes that look very similar to novices and untrained eyes.

If you feel it's not authentic, just say it. :-)

I found this online: 

If these are authentic most of them look very close to mine, with exception of Bon Jovi's. 

I have googled a lot and compared - obviously the guys have changed the way they sign throughout the years, and I was hoping that there is a chance the item I received is real. 

Otherwise thanks Steve, your comment is right on spot, I felt just like you described, but nevertheless that made me check carefully every single line of the signatures. 

Steve, you also think these are fake, right? 

These are not signatures I am familiar with.  And I’m certainly not going to offer an opinion based upon one authentic example. :-) Sorry I cannot help in that regard. 

did they get this from the  electric factory auction

no idea, why?

because it will help prove one way or another

That drumhead is not authentic. They look similar as that is the intention of forgeries but there are issues with all 4 signatures. 

Thanks, in the end I came up to the same conslusion, but it is much better hearing it from people with experience in this area :) 


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