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I wasn't aware there was an event. This was months ago and my pre-order was almost last minute. Mine came from either Smyrna or LaVergne. I stuffed everything to my closet as I didn't want to keep dealing with it last night. I don't want to deal with it today. He should be ashamed of himself. Say they are not real, are real but limit the number, or don't sign at all.  I have already made comments on social media on both Facebook and Instagram. Thankfully no one has attacked me. I think people are acting like Beatles fans and may not even care because they think it is real due to the photo on social media with him in it and real because it came from his website which we should supposedly trust.

Makes me wonder who else has fooled people. I've seen folks buy Kate Hudson and Jennifer Lopez and their signed CDs. What about Taylor Swift? I missed out completely but I was unaware. I do wonder though. I'm not a fan but I would love to surprise my niece but I don't have the funds to get her a signed CD. I have a limit to how much I spend on signatures and one signature alone.

How did you make your return involving Dylan? I was told I need to ask people who were duped by Dylan as to how their return was made so I know how to make my return.

I know there is a brief window for a return so I can't wait too long on examples to pop up.

I believe most people are questioning those bought from the Bon Jovi store.

Any thoughts on the Amazon CD sized cards (with the crazy dots of glue!)?

Mine are Amazon and all different

Likewise the amazon ones have nice varying pressure in the writing and no sign of autopen as far as I can tell

I made a comment where I posted the link to reddit where a person commented to a post and explained auto pen. How big  Bon Jovi is and no way would he sign thousands upon thousands of art cards and other items. How easy it is to have auto pen machines and set them up to look like they have variations to trick people into thinking they are real. A photo of him on Instagram means nothing as every famous person is doing that to CYA. Bottom line is I do not believe any of his to be real but a very careful set up of auto pen machines where they put in slight variations to trick people into thinking they are real. I belong to two other forums in addition to this one and everyone has told me mine is an auto pen. I even have someone who studies handwriting through forensics and it is an auto pen. While mine did not come from Amazon, no doubt Amazon has a Bon Jovi shop and can place items up for sale instead of his website and still fool people into believing it is real. Now if he had set a limit to 1,000 and he would sign 1,000 art cards and nothing else and the first 1,000 people to buy them, would know he did it, that is one thing. But the mass amounts of stacks in his Instagram photo....no way could one person sign all of them. Someone jumped in and saw they were selling out and so using an auto pen while the man himself walks away, works wonders to get more sales. After all he has a new lease on life after surgery and after the pandemic, a new album, new restaurant just opened and he did one in person signing in Nashville before his album was released and before his restaurant opened in Nashville, so it's all about the money, not a care in the world for fans. Plus the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame had an entire weekend of Bon Jovi things as they have a new exhibit. I get emails.

3 months ago on Reddit as people were doing the pre-order

I got into it with gaga's team and ariana grandes team when I caught them using autopen. John is bigger than both put together and I fully believe it will be the use of 12 different autopens, each with a slight different signature to make it look real. I don't fault John but his arm would fall off. I am sure it wasn't his idea either. I collect novels and have been burned by the old autopens biggest telltale is the sharpie make thicker dots where the pen stops to change directions, so much so you can see the dots on back of page or cd booklet. It is getting so bad with this stuff even teenagers on gaga's and ariana's fan forums were figuring it out. I bought it for my grandma she will be thrilled and she doesn't know about autopens and I am not about to tell her. I mean John's has not said limit of total being done and limit 4 per customer and thousands have been sold already and FUNNY TO ME no signed vinyls which could fetch some cash (I would as it is hard to autopen those). Grandma loves John, so John she gets. She has even turned me onto some of his songs. He has the most beautiful smile on anyone I have ever seen, MEGAWATT!

That is my thought as well. I mean an autopen has a writer or artist actually sign their name in several ways and each pen only does one of those signatures. Where Gaga got caught and Ariana was selling SO many and record store owners getting a box full and laying them out and seeing only 6 different exact signatures no other variations. I wish they would just sign like a couple hundred and charge more than fake people out. If he put how many he was doing it would be better. Like if it said 500, totally he could do 25 to 50 a night just sitting at home and have them done by release, he does have months. But my grandmas not going to read this so I'm good.

Well now it seems like an endlesss supply and by the picture I don't see anyway he is actually signing them all. Maybe a few but we won't know. He has MILLIONS of fans and we all want a signed one some are buying 4 or more. I don't blame him at all in this other than making more available he just couldn't in anyway sign even 100,000 and he has millions of fans in usa alone

I get what you are saying but they are still available and what is the least amount a huge star like him would sell? I mean 13.98 for a sign JBJ cd? People pay hundreds for one. I said 100,000 being silly as an example because we know he is sellling WAY WAY MORE but there is no way dude is going to sign even a crazy amount like 100,000. Even if he could 5 in a minute the math is crazy on that now multiply that by the real number he is going to sells (Millions) no way. I am gutted I wanted his real autoraph for myself and one for grandma. They should have had that sweet vinyl with the picture legit signed for like 150.00 if you want real you aren't getting it for 13.98, bummed out, right there with ya.

Damn good explanation. It will be slow as people wait for their orders to come out and arrive to them and most folks may not realize they are auto pens. Something told me to look, it was not pre print and I saw live ink, ask the main forum I'm active on every week and I had people who know the difference and every one of them told me that it was an auto pen. Two people are waiting on theirs to arrive to compare to mine.


Well I didn’t read it all TL, but mine are definitely NOT autopen!!

A thought-provoking post - you provided a lot of interesting info, even to someone who''s not a Bon Jovi collector.

I have no dog in this fight (the most I've done is had a one-on-one convo with Phil X a few years back). I don't collect their modern albums, nor chase their sigs.

It would be disappointing, but not surprising, if they went the autopen route to chase the top of the Billboatd charts. JBJ is not Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift - artists half his age who (while they may have also dabbled in the same sort of shenanigans) are at the very least cognizant of how important their brand image is, and that most examples they've produced are legit.

Situations like this are why I tend to stay far away from collecting modern signed works from musicians. It's a minefield where half the time you're not sure if what you're getting is real or not.

here’s mine - small art card uk store 

I have found two in person signed photos and one is from 2019 and the other is from 2003. Now where these folks marked them properly, don't know. Also if anyone went to the signing on Friday June 7th it would be great if they would post their photos or if someone can find them on social media and save them and upload them here. I belong to one very well known forum that is a paid subscription and I've been there since 2014.

But no, I don't think he signed to be brutally honest, no even Amazon.  People want to think he is a good person because he is a philanthropist and it is as if they could do no wrong in people's eyes. I heard Dolly duped folks and she's a philanthropist too.

Again I personally cannot say if these are real or not. I'm going based on a database. Again if people can grab photos from the CDs signed in Nashville on the 7th and post what a real signature looks like, that will help. Yes, people can change how they sign because I can sign 2 signatures in a span of 5 minutes and they do not look the same. Auto pen machines are celebrities best friends.

Also I just saw where people bought the 2020s and they all look the same.

2003 in person Bon%20Jovi%20IP%202003.jpg

2019 Bon%20Jovi%20IP%202019.jpg

I just received my order from UMG Germany.  I believe it's a mix of real and autopen. What stood out is that they are printed on different types of paper.

I ordered 4 CDs and 1 vinyl. The art cards with the CDs are flimsy, very thin paper. Packed badly, loose in an envelope with the CD. But the autographs look hand signed; all different variations (not a tricked mix of parts like Dolly and Bob Dylan) and varying pressure. No dots.

The vinyl however came with the art card printed on a much thicker paper. Holding it against the light there's a clear difference in the autograph from the 4 that came with the CD; equal pressure with clear dots at the end of each part.

The one I suspect is autopen is a thicker marker too. I purposely photographed this in the light to show the equal pressure.

The thin ones I think are real fold in your hand when you hold them on a corner. This one is much more sturdy paper and stays straight.

Another thing worth noting: the thin, likely real ones are all signed at the top. The suspected autopen is signed lower in the dark part.


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