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So whack man! Awesome that they are giving me a refund if I send the CD back, but cmon man!

@Modern pain, I zoomed in and there are sure fire AP looks to that. there is the large dot at the end, uniform sizing of the marker, and zoomed in you can see more dots or pushes from the machine through each letter. I'm sure it probably also looks exactly like some of the other images out there. mine should be delivered soon and I fully expect it to be fake. I am also questioning my 2020 purchase. I looked at that today and I'm just not sure anymore

I think that the 2020 stuff is real. There are loads of them being offered on eBay that are authenticated by all three major authentication companies. I really doubt that none of them would have caught an autopen. Also, just by looking at them, they seem to have a natural flow.

Seems very suspicious to be an autopen.

Appears to match this one from Hannah under the autopen thread, a slight variation on Known example #4 under that thread. Hannah’s:

Arrived today. I guess mine looks good? I hope it's not autopen.
Card Attached to front from amazon.

A new variant of coloured splatter vinyl lp with signed card on the official store ..hopefully the signatures are good 

touch oven touching oven again...


Yeah ,bad move by Jon 

Probably our returns

Ha, yeah 


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