It's a first come first served. The signed copies will be allocated in chronological order based on the date and time of purchase. So it's not guaranteed you will get a signed one.

EDIT: It's presumed to be SOLD OUT.

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Agree, good job and nice one! 

Anyone know if he's doing any more Waterstones signings? They seem to have lost the one I ordered so just wondering if maybe they could keep me one.

He's in Manchester tomorrow so there's a decent possibility there.

Just got a call from Glasgow and they are sending me one! So pleased!

For anyone in London, Bono was in Rough Trade East today signing copies for the shop. 

Looks as though they still have some for anyone in London…

Not a single book available this morning. All gone. Sadly missed out again. Thanks anyway.

An interesting afternoon in Manchester. I spent around 3 hours in Waterstones Deansgate with a few dozen other U2 fans hoping for a Bono appearance.At one point about 50 people formed a queue outside the events room on the second floor after a rumour went round.As it turned out Bono didnt appear there.At About 4.20pm somebody said there were photos on Facebook of Bono signing books at Chorlton Book Shop 2 or 3 miles out of the city centre.I decided to race down to St Peters Sq for a tram down to Chorlton and made it to the bookshop just before 5.00.Sure enough Bono had been to this small bookshop and thankfully they hadn't sold out, I was able to buy one.Apparantly only about 20 fans had made it to the store to see Bono.Fair play to anyone who beat me to it from Waterstones! 

I was hanging around Waterstones Deansgate, also, Terry.

Funnily enough, I mentioned Chorlton Bookshop to my girlfriend yesterday morning, as a possibility, but dismissed it as being too small and out of town.  If it hadn’t been a Saturday afternoon, with the streets rammed, and the Xmas markets in full swing, I still think he would have chosen Deansgate.  But hindsight is 20/20.

We had great seats in row G for the show at the Apollo, which was a fantastic experience.

I can't say Chorlton book shop crossed my mind as a possibility. I go in the shop every few weeks for a browse but get the impression they don't stock as many signed books as say the other independent book shops in Didsbury and Bramhall, not that I expected Bono to go there either.One of the Waterstones staff said at about 2pm there would definitely be signed stock at the Trafford Centre Waterstones so I seriously considered going there. It made sense in terms of being less rammed than Deansgate but I suspected the employee was a bit harassed with the numbers milling about and just wanted people to leave.

The Trafford Centre would be rammed on a Saturday afternoon in the lead up to Xmas.  Plus, it just doesn’t seem very Bono, IYKWIM.

I grew up in Bramhall.  The bookshop there is lovely, but I think it was too far away to be a serious contender.  The drive back into the city from there would take too long.

Didsbury is mostly secondhand stock.

I think he was looking for a cute, well-appointed, independent seller of new books, not too far out of town.  Chorlton fitted the bill perfectly.  If you Google “Manchester bookshop”, it’s amongst the first results that come up.  I’d be willing to bet that’s exactly what Bono and his people did.

Like I say, it did occur to me as a possibility, but I dismissed it.  Wish we’d gone with that instinct, but it’s easy to say in retrospect.  I’m not too fussed.  We have two signed copies of his book already, and had a wonderful time at the show.  Meeting him would have been the icing on the cake, for my girlfriend, but it wasn’t to be.



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