It's a first come first served. The signed copies will be allocated in chronological order based on the date and time of purchase. So it's not guaranteed you will get a signed one.

EDIT: It's presumed to be SOLD OUT.

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I'm with you.. if they come unsigned, they will for sure be hearing from me.. not sure what else we can do though aside from collectively emailing them to voice our displeasure, nothing else can be done and we still won't get a bono signature. As long as I get my money back in the end, thats all I can really hope for. However, for now, its best to just hold back and see what everyone ends up with. I havent seen any evidence of Eason conning people by not following through on signed items in the past. Im staying optimistic for now and will think about how to handle all this more in detail when the time comes. 

OK people, I'm in Ireland. Ordered about 5 mins after original post. Shipping notice this morning. We will see.

I ordered the book on Oct 3 when the hype info was on their site which stated whiles supplies last. When I got my receipt there was no mention of a "Signed Copy"  I sent them an e-mail about that and they told me as with everyone the order in which was received. Do I think I'm  going to get a signed copy NO! When the orders are being fulfilled by "joe blow" and my order number says: Surrender 40 Songs one Story by Bono That's what I will get! Because that special word "SIGNED" is missing!

my notice was at 3:21pm UK time shipped.

I saw it was while supplies last.   I gambled. Same as buying a lottery ticket. It was while supplies last. Nobody knows how many they got.  If I win I win. If I don't, the store never promised me a signed one.  I'll keep it and read it.  No sense in getting dramatic about it. 

Hopefully Oblong comes through.  My order is still showing in place there. 

I do hate the idea that I have somewhere between zero and three signed copies out there in the universe and now it's up to the fates.  But that's part of the adventure.

Yeah. Alot of speculation and hand-wringing over what what was never a guaranteed signed copy. It was $30. Give it away as Christmas gift if you dont want an unsigned copy. Make somebody happy.

Gonna have to change the name of this site to Shipping Notification: Live if the discussions keep trending this way. 

I do agree with you but the fact that it was first come first served was not mentioned on the order page. That fact came out when someone contacted their customer services team. The page just said "preorder a signed exclusive edition while stocks last".

As for the shipping notification, at least we are not getting a repeat of the Umlimted Love fiasco, where people were posting the time they placed their order left right and center.

I get it. Could have been worded better or more clear for sure. But it is what it is. You will or you wont. Ecstasy or outrage. The choice is yours! I see it like a small chance for a signed copy when not many chances were to be had. 

To Funny!

Yes good idea for Christmas Gifts and you just thought up a new website!!! Kai the founding member of (I checked it doesn't exist Yet)



Dear Customer,

We just wanted to let you know that the following items from your order have been fulfilled in our warehouse and have been forwarded to our delivery partners, An Post, for delivery to your selected address.

Items in this delivery:

Tracking number: *******
Product Code Quantity Product
9781529151787 1 Surrender 40 Songs One Story H/B


You will receive an email with tracking information for each order that is dispatched from our warehouse and sent to An Post for delivery to you.
Once your delivery has been sorted by An Post, you will be able to track it using Tracking Number(s) below by following the link *******

We hope you enjoy your purchase!

The Team

Same they probably don't know who got them



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