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April Fools? Indigo? No freakin way it sold out that quick

Probably a few returns or cancellations due to credit cards not going through, etc.  It happens where you get a blip where a handful or fewer copies drop.   That was quick though!  I got one of my Grohl books that way last year.  A random restock at Blackwell's that lasted maybe 4 or 5 minutes and that was after it had sold out there initially.  But it shipped.  So hopefully someone got lucky. from Vamano's post.

Yeah someone is probably getting my Waterstone order. My card expired since I had ordered almost a year and a half ago and the publishing got postponed for a year. And Waterstones did not answer multiple emails to update my payment info. Terrible customer service. Fortunately I had ordered from another retailer that I have no recollection of doing which I already received. So not that big of a deal.

That s****, did you order as guest? Updating the payment info was easy to do in my account.

I think the original hold only lasted for a year, so most who ordered needed to update their payment method. The only thing I found annoying was that I couldn't update the original payment method (PayPal), I needed to select a different payment method (creditcard).

Yea I used a guest account and can't update my order. They're not responding. 

It is really hard to say. I have an account but am unable to sign in for some reason. I have the same password for all of these type places. And when I go through all of the steps it says my email already has an account. It is all confusing and I can't make heads or tails out of it. It is possible in haste I ordered as a guest. Will probably never know. But I did get a copy so I am not sweating it. But it doesn't change the fact that of the three tickets I put in that they chose to ignore them all. It says a lot about the company.

Yea their support sucks right now. Like I had this order placed april of 2021. Should have just charged me then. 

Not surprising, posted on Reddit more than an hour ago.

Where was this posted on Reddit if you don't mind sharing? Cant seem to find it - cheers

Probably a very limited restock. I refunded my pre-order after I realized I needed to save cash for the McCarthy set. Priorities and all that.

I got my copy recently from Books A Million and it arrived with a sizeable cut on the cover that seeped into the hardback cover too! I think I should complain to them about it! Here's the proof/pictures. 



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