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I was given these two autographs in this frame as a Christmas gift last year with a COA. I'm unsure as to the authenticity of the two signatures. I know it's hard to tell with the Brian Wilson autograph because there are so many different versions of his signature throughout the years as his mind has been aging and what not. Any help would be appreciated. My dad bought it an an antique shop with other framed autographs.

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Looks ok, I'd like to see the source though.

It's a listing on eBay and I'm tempted to get it.

Just ask the seller if they obtained the signature personally on the pass.

The Beach Boys

First I have to say that Coaches Corner have done it again. The Brian and Carl autograph is as bad as it get. Just to lighten things up a little, I have posted an album that I got in person with a nice Brian Wilson autograph.

Coaches Corner! What happened to Dom Vito? he will clue you in about them.

Bjarne, Very nice example. I would love to own a piece like this. Not only does it have carl but the Johnston is super nice. He can really give you a terrible graph. Just need David Marks and your all done. Have you ever gotten any of the wrecking crew? I'd love to meet some of them. I had the chance many moons ago in the 90's but I was dumb and didn't they'd have value....

I was just in an antique store and saw this for $80. They didn't look legit so I didn't get it. Are they all fake?
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you saved yourself 80 bucks. these are awful.

I am new and have a question.  My wife and daughter went to a meet and greet and concert in NJ 4/19 of this year.  They didn't bother going into the meet and greet, were sitting outside of it at a small high top and Brian Wilson approached them.  He began chatting, was kind, warm and chatty.  He took their passes and signed them w/o them asking for him to before the concert. (small venue).

The odd thing is he signed my daughter's Brian Wilson, he signed my wife's Brian Johnston?   My wife knows who Brian Wilson is and what he looks like, he was 1 to 2 feet from both of them at the most.  Any thoughts why that happened. I sadly know past history of Landry and the problems he encountered due to him.  Has anyone else had this happen to them before?  Thanks for any input.  -Bob.

PS I will scan them this week and post them.  Still anyone ever have an incorrect last name?

You'll have to post that. Memory lapse.

Haha, yeah memory lapse would have to be the issue!

The guy operates in two minds look at good vibrations he had the guys singing two harmonies at once. He is a Frikin genius.



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