cards23.jpg After a very long hiatus,,,Iam back...I've had a lot of life changes over the years which has caused me to somewhat fall out of the game...ranging from problems with my old lady to deaths in the family...moving...health issues,,,covid and a career end..but before all of this I had made a lot of great friends on here that treated me like family and molded me into being the collector I have become today...Steve Cyrkin...Steve Zarelli...Christopher Williams....Barry...Ryan...Etc. had become a huge influence to myself and a strong force in opinions on things we love and are on here for...the love of autographs...I am glad to be back and hopefully I can help anyone with any questions at all on here as I am a collector of mostly Yankees and or Baseball autographs...mostly the older players and guys into the early 2000s and from much earlier...we have seemed to really collectively become able to identify some really good Mantles and some horrific fakes as well...not sure if i got this prior to or after the fact of collecting but here is a GREAT Mantle I was able to acquire that was non certified for a very good price...and once such knowledge is acquired you guys can achieve such a status as well...

ALSO if you guys have instagram feel free to follow my collectors page and to contact me on there as well...



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I absolutely remember you, CEE GEE.  I joined AML back in 2012, and you disappeared thereafter.  I am glad that you have returned, and I hope that all is well with you.  Welcome back!

Great to see you back, you have been missed!

Yes, I remember your posts.  Great to see you return.

FANTASTIC! Sorry you've been thru some tough times. I hope those days are behind you.

Here comes TROUBLE for the bad guys!!

Great to see you back! :-)

Great to see you back Cee Gee!!

I too have been on and off AML the last decade… crazy to think that’s how much time has gone by!

Glad to see the familiar faces still around. 


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