i got this from my friend who was incarcerated in the SHU with Charles Manson. I have a lock of hair and finger print and want to know if its real and or worth anything.

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Looks real to me....

I just had a look at some of his handwriting on Google images and there are a high number of very similar characteristics to your example including his signature - dont know if Manson did the drawing but it is very likely in my opinion he wrote the words and the signature at the bottom - as for the fingerprint and hair - God knows...

It's real . I used to write to Manson.


You wrote to Manson? 

I'm afraid to ask why

“Hi Charlie, I’m your biggest fan. Can I have your autograph?”

I don’t get it but whatever.


Two separate Charles Manson discussions going on in the same day.  Interesting...or creepy.

I'm going with creepy, James

Manson is a pin up boy with Satanists the whole mind control thing.

Satanists? Well, let me tell you. I've been to Hell and back again and even met Satan after he was guest speaker at one of the many lawyer's conventions they frequently have in Hell.

Satan did say that he "wants nothing to do with these people, would rather not be associated with them", and then quoted Groucho Marx, "I don't care to belong to any club that will have me as a member".

I asked for his autograph to share on the forum and he obliged, also sending to all his warm regards. Nice to finally have the real thing and not just another secretarial TTM.


Im happy for you woody!

It was no big deal, really it wasn't. Meeting Satan for the first time was like meeting almost anybody else. If it wasn't Satan, you wouldn't have known the difference between him and the average Joe, except for him being about a billion years older than everybody else in Hell, so he calls everybody "Kid", and oh, yeah, the horns and the tail; but then you get used to those after awhile anyway.



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