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Yes I got tracking yesterday and it left California today.

Mines been shipped to my USA buddy yesterday 

same here, shipped yesterday

I also just got tracking for the box set as well, the one that I hastily ordered thinking it may include the Coldplay and BTS signed booklets that there were pictures of going around. pretty doubtful about that now and I thought the boxset would have sold out quicker being limited to 5000 but they are still available.  

Could I ask what website you got that from please?

Back in stock

Please, can someone order a copy for me, I'm in germany and have no chance...

would someone also be kind enough to please order me a copy.  No chance for uk customers and Coldplay is a uk band

I'm sorry, I didn't see your reply until they sold out again. to be honest there are times when I have thought about buying extra in case someone misses out, but then every time I see someone ask or offer to trade, someone else pops in and says it's not allowed in the forum. I personally don't see anything wrong with mentioning that you have an extra and to contact you in a private message but it seems like some people have a problem with that so I don't take the chance of getting stuck with them or having to deal with the drama on here.    

I think the problem was that some people were taking advatange of the situaiton.  Its kind of ironical that coldplay is a uk band and no uk fans are able to buy the signed copy.  I have also complained to their uk offices.  i am giving up now on my coldplay quest...... it also isnt going to be doing them any favours with their uk fans either


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