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USA only glad I got a buddy

Are Warner Music autographs normally ok?

I also ordered an extra Coldplay if someone has an extra Elton john

Yep. I’ve got a spare Elton coming. Can we sort?

Awesome I’ll dm you!

I’ll trade a Coldplay for Elton

This is awesome, thank you so much, Steven!

Thanks, I've been waiting for this. This is turning into a great day!

Only fair that Elton is UK only and Coldplay USA only, I like seeing people swap instead of selling.

I gotta say, I'm surprised it's still available. 

Hello Can someone buy it for me with an extra for you ?:)))

Awesome thanks got one! Good day for autographs Coldplay and Elton in the same day!

Ready to buy one Elton John ans one Coldplay :)


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