Would like to start a discussion about collecting signed checks from celebs/musicians.

I have a few of them.  Eddie Van Halen buying a haliburton and Gary Puckett.


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I like signed checks, and they are very good with a few forgeries mostly among very high-end autographs.   It is amazing the number of celebrities that sold their old checks.  I have a ton of them.  

"It is amazing the number of celebrities that sold their old checks."

In many cases, I believe it was their managers or accountants who handled their finances who sold them off.  In other cases, the celebrities' estates or families sold them.  And, of course, in some cases the celebrities themselves sold them.

Collecting signed checks is a great way to collect autographs.  Have fun, Steve P.  Also, would you be willing to post an image of your Eddie Van Halen signed check?  I would love to see it.

Here it be.

I think it's a great area of collecting and I have a small number of checks in my collection. Charlton Heston, Jimmy Stewart, Buzz Aldrin, Jacob Rupert, Ty Cobb and some others.

Unfortunately, it's a dying area. On the whole, checks are not used nearly as much as they used to be... and can you imagine A list celebs these days actually filling out a check? They have people for that. LOL

That is a great point, Steve.  I had not thought much about that.  Another point is even if every celebrity still wrote paper checks. None would get those back from the bank now.  I do not believe any bank (at least not the two here) will give you back your canceled check.   I paid a fee for a while to get mine returned, but they stopped even that.  I forgot just when that was.   

Great point. The only way you could actually retain a check these days is if you received a check from someone, and did remote deposit through an app.

Ah, the good old days...

Back when I was collecting HOF baseball autographs TTM, I would pay the fee by personal check, and I'd get that autograph, as well.

I also got Mother Teresa on a couple checks when I paid the return postage for a reply by means of a check (somehow they could easily deposit a US check in India).

Same here. When astronauts used to charge $5 or $10 per autograph, I'd pay by check. I have a bunch of endorsed checks. I miss the $5 autographs and the endorsed checks!! :-)

(I also wish I stocked up more for sure. All those $5 autographs are $200+ each these days.)



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