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So true! Amazon Germany and France are just as bad. Collectible issue? Ha! Let's save a box and send it with the shipping label on the book.

Yes I kid you not, I've had a couple of LP records arrive in the last month with the address label stuck on the front of the actual LP and a Rucksack also arrived with Zero packaging and an address label still stuck to it ! They are Idiots !

Happened to me with a €250 collectible book, they put the label on the slipcase. Case wasn't even taped shut, the book could have fallen out at any point during shipment.

A slowcooker I ordered as gift also came shipped from another country in the product packaging, of course all dented because it's not made to be shipped that way.

Woah. Is this for real? That poor delivery guy!

First European box set has popped up on eBay:

Im going to be so disappointed when all the USA options end up going bust.

So it's real! Should have ordered more than 1.

If, as a group, any of us get one of the USA copies, it'll be shocking. The UK copies were all like 4X cost the USA ones. 

I don't have any hope of getting one from any of three places I ordered from. But the UK set at least like a nice special edition and is signed on each book. The US one just looked like the standard 2 book set that is supposedly signed which could explain the price difference.

Since it appears that Cormac has signed both books for the UK edition. It seems plausible that he could sign a 1000 (I'm assuming only one book in each US set) that was rumored to have been made for the US edition. I do think they will come through but I do expect major cancelations especially with Amazon. 

That UK boxset looks incredible. If this comes through (and I'm still waiting on the shipping charge from Indigo), it will be my score of the year, even if it's just the regular boxset with a couple of tip-ins.

Barnes and Noble just sent me a tracking number, so... maybe it's happening?

I just had a shipping notification too ! 



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