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Hard to say, but I did hypothesize that this could be a "last hurrah" for him. I don't see any other books coming out from him, despite the apparent fact that he has three other unpublished novels in various states of completion. It could be a case of him signing more than normal to accommodate this interest.

I also speculated on Reddit that the copies got divided up between the main retailers, and that a number of these sites oversold or weren't immediately known until recently. The glut of major releases, including Bono, Dylan (lol), Swift and others could have played a part in tapping out some buyers.

I look at it this way - it cost the same as the regular hardcover set, which I was going to read anyway. I won't be too chuffed if it doesn't come to pass, but I will be immensely pleased if I get a signed copy.

Something about these listings does not feel right. The listing is not complete, it does not have a picture. The page has been pulled on Amazon .com. 

Amazon has been known to have errors listed. It's possible they are taking sales for something they cannot deliver. It happened to me with a few (non-signed) special editions. In both cases the first I heard from them was around publication date when all other outlets were sold out.

If Amazon doesn’t relegate all orders to 1 per customer we’ll know it’s full auto pen. Will still be a amazing buy though 

I'm a huge McCarthy fan. I need 2 copies and have 5 orders with different places trying to ensure I get 2 copies due to cancellations. 

So the way I see it, we're likely looking at one of the following:

1) it's real and there aren't enough to fill orders. Mass cancellations will ensue.  

2) it's autopen, they ship, and we have to work out returns after retailers admit it 

3) it's real and he signed a ton. But we'll still see some cancellations among certain retailers who left it up too long. This drives down the secondary market price. Not so much as to make it a bad buy.  But enough to have the effect of reducing the value of his sig.

4) it's autopen and some retailers cancel prior to shipment like with Dylan. People are refunded in bulk.

5) it's autopen and retailers acknowledge it, refund, and let folks keep the books.

6) they're autopen and retailers refuse to acknowledge resulting in case by case firefights/ disputes. Worst case scenario.

As a McCarthy fan I just hope I don't end up having to work out returns to a bunch of different places or end up filling  a bunch of disputes.

This still being available on Amazon France doesn't really bode well, but equally checking the Cormac McCarthy subreddit, there's no mention of it, so maybe people just don't know.

Some signed discussion here -

I'd imagine there's not much interest in France for an english book written by an American author. 

This was just posted on reddit by someone. Who knows if there is any truth to it:

"So I've been talking to Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi (one of the most respected bookstores in the United States). At first they told me no signed copies. But then, last minute McCarthy was persuaded to do tip-ins on the box sets coming out December 6th. He's only done 1000 of them.

If you ordered one of the "signed" ones from books a million, this was that. Though they only had a limited number to sell of the 1000. The others will be distributed elsewhere.

So, good luck."

Amazon will certainly reduce order quantities and cancel orders. Their system can be flawed when it comes to things like this. Indigo too.

I think Barnes could go either way.

I feel good-ish about Books a Million.

If this is true, the secondary market is selling these way too cheap.

If that's true I think I'm well-positioned.  I got in on BAM.  But I have orders 4 other places as backups.  There's no telling what ships and what falls through.  I think I was the only person on here who got in through for the signed Dream Canteen CD.  It still hasn't shipped. But I had 4 other orders.  3 cancelled. 1 shipped.  Kind of frustrating how you have to carpet bomb some of these releases just to ensure getting one.  

Big if true - it would explain why the U.S. release seems so haphazard vs. the UK release (more time to plan/design a special edition vs. tip-in pages thrown into the standard U.S. hardcover boxset).

I'm still feeling confident about Indigo -- we'll see how it goes.

Strangely it's still available at I ordered more than I needed and decided to change it to just 1. I am afraid if something's wrong there could be shipping/import costs I'd have to pay out of own pocket to send it back.

Looks like he really did sign some. Contest from the publisher:



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