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No :(

Oh man that would be an awesome trade though.. 

I’m waiting for NB restock, refresh, refresh 

I dont blame you. But thats a rare trade of legends where both parties would be happy

It is kind of funny they had a 2 limit per and there were only 200. When Katy Perry and Evanescence were a limit of 1 and they had at least a thousand of those.

I'm absolutely pig sick. I missed this and am a massive DM fan. I've been looking for a DM / Dave Gahan signed anything for years. The aforementioned book I nearly bought but it was just too expensive, certainly in the year I got married! Does anyone have a spare that they'd sell or trade? I have some decent spares. I'm a private collector and never sell any on. Mine are for pleasure and as my 19 year old loves to say, his inheritance! Thanks, Mark

Hi Mark, out of interest what trades do you have and are you in the UK? PM me if you like

Hi Nick, I tried to PM you. My work doesn’t like the site and is blocking messages. Just jumped on my phone. The best one I can offer is a signed In The End - Cranberries cd. I got one spare! It came from Newbury. I have others but I’m at work and need to go through them. I’ve never traded before so I have to drag them out! I’m an Englishman in the US.

It's exactly how I feel about missing that book. Radiohead is our #1 band of all time, we've been to their concerts together. Later I'm hoping to be able to hand over this collection of autographs of artists that we love to our child and to be able to tell all the stories and memories that surround the collection. 

I love that so much! This is why I started collecting again as well. I try to buy 2 whenever possible. One is getting locked up in a chest. I was a wedding videographer for a while and decided to put together a video goonies style of my wife and I failing to find a hidden treasure. We are still deciding how this will play out but, in 20 yrs or so, we will have a treasure map made out. Make it so she discovers the map that we have been searching for our whole lives and we will go on an adventure following the map hunting down the treasure.  All while in contact with a friend who will bury it or place it somewhere and guard it until we get there.. we have a ton of time to perfect the story.. but my god shes going to have so many valuable little goodies.. 

Hey jor-el what would  your budget be for a Radiohead book

Sent you a PM. I prefer trade, money is tight especially near the holidays.


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