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Gut feeling tells me that this book maybe a Barnes and Noble Black Friday in-store special to draw people into the stores.  The problem is will it create a stampede or fistfights ala Walmart that we have seen in the past?   Who here is willing to sacrifice body for an autographed book?

I would but the plane ticket to usa is too much lol

There goes my hero haha

I know someone that works at B&N and this will be one of the Black Friday books. I expect this to pop up on B&N anyday now. 

Thanks for the heads up. Do you know if the Will Smith book will also be a B&N Black Friday special?

Well this is begining to look like a very interesting B&N BLACK FRIDAY.  Good thing i dont live that far from a B&N store.  The thrill of the HUNT.

I was told smith and Foxx. Asked about Obama and springsteen and he said no info on that so far 

If Obama and Springsteen signed books are in BN Black Friday, I think some of them would be burned down to the ground by noon. Lol. Thanks for the info. 

I am not getting my Hope's up on an Obama Springsteen book. If anything , I was would probably be a signed ltd edt priced at 500 LOL

You couldnt pay me enough to go out shopping on Black Friday. Happy hunting, lol!!

No doubt -- having both worked on the retail side and braved the crowds, you couldn't pay me enough to be sitting in front of a bookstore before the doors open. Everything's moved online, anyway.

The only book I'm looking for from a Black Friday sale is the new Atwood book ("Burning Questions") -- particularly because the U.K. edition (which I managed to snatch up) was marketed as the only one she'd ever be doing, had limited stock (I'm guessing around 100 copies) and there was no indication that there was a specific U.S. signed edition. (I'm also expecting a signed Canadian edition at some point down the line, based on this release.)

I've been at Barnes and Noble on Black Friday every year for the past five years. I've gone to a different store each time, across three states. (Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio) I show up at 8AM when they open. It's been quiet every time, and I've been able to snatch up whatever title I'm looking for. No fights. Usually the employees are still putting out the signed books. It's really not that bad.


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