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No, they weren't packed well, and No, I don't think B&N typically does better. I'm pretty sure this how I normally get books from them - just thrown in a box alongside the packing slip and the advertisements/coupons thing. I kind of stopped expecting pristine books from them in general. Luckily, the only minor wear on mine was a little dust jacket damage on one end of their spines.

I might have one to trade. PM me.

Oh dear, mine has just shipped from B&N to a mail forwarder then onto the UK, it’s gonna get bashed :(

Most forwarders have a repacking service. It'll add some costs to the package (usually around $7-10), but for this it could be worth it.

Good idea, I’ll check when it arrives

I am interested in this, have added you as a friend to pm. 

For those still worrying about their Indigo orders, mine arrived today - in the UK. So they are on their way and you need worry no more!

Did you get import duties on it?

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think books are exempt if properly labelled. 

Nothing extra to pay. Customs label was fully completed by Indigo.

Mine also arrived via Parcelforce this afternoon from Indigo. Package was a bit knackered but the books were still in good nick. Similarly very well labelled by Indigo so no additional customs charges. 

Double check your emails for the Indigo orders as they’re VERY vague with status updates even if you sign up for it. I got mine “yesterday” and didn’t see it in the mailbox until putting outgoing mail today since no other mail was delivered. The book came out gorgeous and I love that it’s an actual signed page, not a bookplate.


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