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Herve... this forum is, by definition, a discussion forum. 

I find that tinder comment offensive by the way no need for that at all 

What part of no more drama do you not understand?

Highly offensive Herve! Keep them type of comments to yourself please

Can we move on from the drama here? Please?

You found gilmour? Thank you so much for posting that one! I dont know how you guys do it. If I ever do find anything music related, its already been posted. Anyways, I believe there is a lot of passion with what this forum offers. Its that kind of passion where you know this is a special place to be.. with passion comes drama and fighting. This is a unique thread. Not many become this big. There are a lot of people still hunting for grohl. Its hard to show excitement for an upcoming shipment without upsetting those still searching. 

And in the meantime, they were briefly restocked on Indigo...

Seriously? How can they do that after cancelling orders? Unless they only cancelled double/ multiple item orders. But their site still does not state a limit.

They only cancelled the flippers and the haters! 

This chump on eBay trying to sell for big bucks one super fake looking signed book. 

some people really suck. 

Gawd damn that awful, besides doesnt the signed one come with an exclusive page dedicated for the signature?

This may be what the signed UK editions look like...


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