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Made a new thread to notify those interested asap. Will update when I find more sellers.

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Edit: sold out

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Don’t think the Alabama one is working 

Maybe we broke the site. I have the tab still open, URL is correct.

Some of these sold out quickly due to longstanding pre-orders, and some of them don't have much of an online presence, but here's the "official" list of indies.(credit: Publisher Dey Street Books - https://www.instagram.com/deystreet/)


I called since one is in my city and called them and they still had autographed copies. I’ll be picking it up tomorrow. (If they said it couldn’t be held I was going to do 90 mph to get one lol)

Alabama Booksmith is a terrific bookstore. Support them.

Their site is broken lol 

They took the page down. Poor store!

I would love UK option

Thank you all so much! I found one at Island Books and they are holding it for me :-) That location said someone came in and was trying to buy them all! OMG, what a disgrace if they end up on eBay!! :-( :'( 

They had 5 but sold out as I was checking out.

The link takes me to the book but doesn’t say signed anywhere, just 6 in stock. Is that signed? 

Damn it so the ones in stock now aren’t signed basically



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