Does it bug you when authenticators put their sticker directly on the card? especially on a high dollar card, is there any way to take it off without damaging the card? i saw this signed Al Kaline rookie with the JSA sticker on the back and it's preventing me from bidding. does this turn off anyone else from buying a card?

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YES, damaged, vandalized, free advertising. I do not buy, sell or recommend anything with a sticker on it.  They make me ill.

yes a hair dryer or professional restorer and I would bill jsa for damages to loss of value for the dam sticker

they usualy ask were u want or if u want it on the itiem

I would never buy anything with a sticker placed directly on it.  The only thing worse would be initials in ink.  Why would they have a JSA on the card, when it's encapsulated by PSA in the first place?

Must have been a novice. No card collector with any experience would want anything affixed to any card. Then to have it re-authenticated and encapsulated by PSA? Might as well have left a squished bug on the back. 

On a sports card, in particular, i would think it would nearly completely destroy the value of the card.  It’s one thing to have a sticker in the corner of a signed photo, but on a card, the value is ruined.  On a photo, it is a bit different  because it’s the autograph that is most important to the value.  However, baseball cards in and of themselves have value...which is lost with the sticker.


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