Dolly Parton & James Patterson signed book!!

Be quick!!! 

Sure to sell out pretty quick! 

UK buyers, remember 6.8% cash back with topcashback. Also £5 when you spend £30 and £10 when you spend £50 on WHSmith website with code: BEQUICK

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Thanks man 

he is absolutely beautiful proper Star Wars fan here 

also love the gremlins my era of movies for sure 

Totally worth it lol

Looks like we share more than one hobby. Which one are you looking at, Sideshow or Hot Toys?

OT: Patterson was autopen as well, there's no way I can see them both signing extra books after the response we got with the autopen debacle. Having a bit of regret I didn't get this because the Waterstones books have a nicer border than the WHSmith books, so would have looked good in my regular book collection.

It was the sideshow one got it for £380 in the end so not too bad been wanting him for like ever I love Star Wars man 

now I need the 1/4 Grogu but he is cheaper lol

didnt know they were different from Waterstones 

anybody else have trouble buying it? It still doesnt let me and freezes

Sold out 

KD, the PayPal protection is what sold it for me. Its worth the risk.. do they really want another bombardment of emails to deal with?

Saw the restock posted on reddit before it was here and decided to get one anyway,

That’s where I saw it too lol

Could I ask where on Reddit? I've been trying to get into reddit but think I still need to figure things out.. searches within reddit seem to lead me nowhere but if i search for reddit content on Google, i have better luck.. ill watch a tutorial video later or something

If you don't want to post the link here, could you DM me?

It's a tiny reddit community but they have some very good finds sometimes. I check it a few times a day along with this forum. I see a lot of people posting here what they find there. 

Ahhh yes, thank you.. i used to have this link but only on my phone. I lost it along with others when my phone completely died. Forgot all about it


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