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Me too! Hopefully I don't get a dead sharpie one, but my luck has been good with inserts for my taste, knock on wood!

I emailed the store soon after they went on sale and after looking into it they emailed back saying they weren’t sure on the size but both the cd and vinyl would get the same size signed card, they wouldn’t be different.

How are these still in stock? Lol I'm not complaining but dang she's got 75million listeners on Spotify so I'm shocked they haven't ran out yet!

It probably went something like

" -hey Rina, Il give you a couple thousand quid if you sign these half million cards"

- A couple thousand for half a million cards? FO!

-Cheeky! You can get all your girly friends to do it as long as they make it look like it is my sig.

-Make it 5k and Ill see what I can do.

-Hmm, blood, allright! Remember its got to be ready before tuesday"

Signed CD album is now sold out, only signed box set is left at the moment.

Decided to go in for the signed boxset. Could be another banger like Future Nostalgia.

Yeah probably, the songs she released so far that are going to be on the album sound very great!

Only took over 20 days..

With crazy postage costs 

£6 is not bad for 2 cd's

If you say so, they are asking £6.70 for a 2nd class package  ,tracked 48 large letter actually costs £2.70 up to 500g 


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