I'm not an expert on Dylan -- but this one looks very neatly written.  Any thoughts?


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It would have been quite a bargain at that price, but received no bids. I think that says a lot.

Gotta Have it is a good company.  if somebody gets Dylan, Madonna or Springsteen in NY then can walk over for an offer from them on the spot.  Gotta have It is a fine place, right in Manhattan

I can't comment on the signature but I can tell you that Gotta Have It! has a good reputation in New York City.  Although I have never purchased from them I have considered purchasing from them in the past and will without a doubt purchase from them in the future.  I have always heard good things about them.  If you are interested you should contact them directly and inquire about the history of the item.  They are very professional and I am sure that they will be happy to answer your questions.

My view of Gotta Have It is that it's basically a good company that always offers some truly amazing items, autographs included, but could use some help in vetting some of their autographed material.  

They are a good company and seem to run their own show.  When a recent Beatles piece was questioned on here, they ran it anyway.  I suppose if their feeling is strong they don't care what anyone says.


Apparently so. That has been my experience, anyway.

Interesting catch BWilliams!  Good eye!

Hey dude, something does not seem right to me with the graph bro, something really doesn't look right man, I cant put my finger on it but it kind of does not flow properly for me ... should have Roger Epperson take a quick look



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