Ebay Seller On-the-third-day Mickey Mantle Roger Maris Autographed Baseball Hilarious Forgery Gotta Read

You have to check out the below Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris forgeries on a baseball found on Ebay.

The below poorly-executed, ugly and hilarious Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris forgeries on a baseball are listed by Ebay seller On-the-third-day.

Not only are these Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris forgeries hilarious, but you have to read what Ebay seller On-the-third-day wrote........

EBay seller On-the-third-day writes "Hand signed in person for a secret service person in the mid 1980's.......1984 or 1985."

Ebay seller On-the-third-day also writes "The blue Haiti is also a good sign because Maris was alive in this time period to sign this ball with blue Haiti mark."

Ebay seller On-the-third-day also wrote they have submitted it to PSA's "Quick Opinion" service.

Ebay seller On-the-third-day also wrote "Might be one of the best in the world."

Of course, both PSA and JSA will deem these forgeries in a millisecond.

Here are those Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris forgeries listed by Ebay seller On-the-third-day.


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You can't even make this genre of "stupid" up! 

Secret-service ROFL. 

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the blurb re this & the secret service but it is quite amusing in its own way.  I wonder  if the seller will update us on the top secret results of JSA etc. when  he/she submits the balls........

I am hoping there is nobody stupid enough to buy this ball. Seller doing all he can with that ridiculous price. Silly price even if the auction were for two authentic ones.

How do guys like this sell 18,000+ anything?

Someone should ask Ebay seller On-the-third-day about the PSA Quick Opinion result....

And then direct him here.

Here is yet another Mickey Mantle forgery listed by eBay seller on-the-third-day 



Looks like the seller went over the signature as it is smudged and the ink still wet

I am getting a PSA DNA quick check on this baseball now so i will update the auction as information is emailed to me...... - I guess it failed as he has ended it


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