Ebay Seller Ralphizzle4444 Sells Forged Autographed Babe Ruth Postcard For $1,241.00

I was alerted to numerous auctions listed/sold by Ebay seller Ralphizzle4444.

Typical Roach's Corner crap!!!

I will be posting multiple threads on the items sold by Ebay seller Ralpizzle4444.

First we have the below forged Babe Ruth postcard.

This sold for $1,241.00.


The auction description.  Please click your mouse on the image to get a closer view.

If you read the above, it reads that they were purchased "Through the collection of Alan "Mr. Mint" Rosen.

Mr. Rosen only dealt in cards, not autographs.

Here is that "Ruth" that someone paid $1,241.00.

I really pray that some of the buyers of this trash submit their item(s) to Beckett or JSA (sorry, I have lost faith in PSA).

Observe how deliberate this was penned.

More to come from this seller.

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Awful seller. I saw the bad Beatles set that ended up selling for $1,934(!).


the seller has a Clemente post card forgery also.  When I see cheap post cards signed with new ink, all I can think of is "Kitchen table Forger".  Very little to lose if they screw up the signature.

Not only that, Terrier, but Alan Rosen only dealt in cards, not autographs.

A friend of mine just informed me that Mr. Rosen did dabble a little in autographs.

He was no expert, but he did purchase collections.

This "Babe Ruth" wasn't one of them.


Working now, Steve.



Awful, this Beatles one, is that a new listing, it seems to still be live. I guess they just made a new one. 

All Four Beatles - Not!

Pauline, he had that listed last week along with his other junk, but it didn't sell.

Observe that it already has one bid.




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