See attached photo from Rogers Facebook.

As I said in my other post Roger Waters (more likely his people) keeps an eye on eBay. Maybe even this forum... if so, Hi Roger! Lol. Hopefully he realizes there are true fans in line too.

Off topic, it's annoying when dealers crop their photos where they are signing then call it proof... It's proof you own a pic of Roger Waters.

But more proof Roger Waters doesn't like dealers.

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It really is terrible behavior from these dealers!
It won't stop anything by him posting that, might be more advertisement that he signs. But sounds like he's getting more fed up. At least the prices are dropping since he's signing so many. Wonder when he'll just say screw everyone like Gilmour, and most others his level of fame.

Yes, I kind of got this feeling when he was screaming in my face about eBay. Watch out for people with disappearing/reappearing German bucket hats. ;)

Won't change anything. I have heard of dealers having helpers and even people getting newly dressed after receiving one signature. I might stop when prices are down to not worth getting him anymor. I am afraid by the time he will show up in europe he will stop signing.

Dealers don't care they see the fast money and they don't care about ruin a celeb for others that is just how the game goes.

No shame from these, hounds. Stop buying from them.
What makes me sick is the excuses from dealers. Okay YES they do perform a service for those out there not likely to meet Roger by obtaining the autograph in person and (while making a profit) this is much better than the countless forgers out there.

...But when you are being greedy and either using the homeless or other paid plants you are robbing genuine fans out there where the lines were shut down because he (Roger) got fed up.

I am sure he knew there were resellers in the line and he still signed for them. It is the extra greed that motivates people to go over the line. Shutting down the lines only better serve resellers who already have X ammount to sell.

The less copies hittimg the market gives rise to the price. If the dealers could just be civil I don't think there would have been a problem. It makes people less likely to sign if they think everyone is a dealer...

The same goes with the videos of hounds "breaking down" celebs. I could see wanting to avoid everyone if I was going to be harrassed everywhere I go. It is insane.

I am not even against dealers! Just be courteous and don't show off. They say the selfie generation is killing autograph collecting, but what I can tell we are all doing it to ourselves.
For 5.95, you can pay a paparazzi autograph hound, who has obtained over 1000 autographs, if your autograph is authentic.
Buy now and recieve the next two submissions at a discount.
Stay black, stay white. Smash a guitar because you couldn't get Jack white.



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