Sadly just noticed that I missed this - did anyone manage to get one? I believe they sold out in the last few minutes. 

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Thanks so much! Was able to snag one! So happy since I joined this page, but man, it's really burning a hole in my wallet!

I received a confirmation e-mail that I got one, but when I go back to Ed Sheeran's page and look under My Account it no longer shows my purchase. I hope they didn't cancel my order.

Yes I checked on my order history and my order isn't their either - although i received an order confirmation.......? 

I just ordered one 1 minute ago at 21.09 BST

Thanks a lot!!!

Got one second time round!

Sold out again

Managed to get three.

Everyone,  I am a US member looking to buy a signed copy from anyone that is willing to sell one to me since I totally dropped the ball on this one :-( :'( Thanks for considering and enjoy it once it arrives ;-) 

I’ll help you out I got a couple spare 

add me as friend I’ll message when they come and can sort it out 

on add me on Facebook whichever is easier for you 

Missed as well on both. If you or anyone has an extra let me know. Just looking for one for my PC.


I only had the 2 spare and ones gone and I’ve offered last one to Christina 

hopefully someone has extra for you dude sorry 



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