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Seems detailed enough to be believable... No links yet.

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Goodbye, England's Rose...

In all seriousness, i would have jumped on this if it shipped to Canada.

Signed Prints to ship Autumn 2023

UK only. Someone willing to help out? Will compensate/ offer trade.

UK only, what a bummer.  I would love to have gotten this in the US.

No shipping to NL :-(

Print seems to be sold out now

Gives me "This product is unfortunately not available in your country" although billing + shipping address in my account is UK.

The website geolocates from your IP. If you're located outside UK or using a non-UK VPN IP you can't buy it. And the signed prints are gone now anyway...

I'm outside of the UK and was able to order it. It worked as long as you switched currency to GBP and entered a UK address.

I don't think they will keep those orders open you aren't living with a UK address and they've cancelled orders before if found to be a redirection middleman company that forwards mail.

In my case it's not a redirection middleman company.


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