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Available from Selfridges Corner Shop this Friday - not clear if they’ll be on the website also but assuming this is London in store only

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Selfridges have confirmed - first come. first served.

Overnight queing?

I should be there at 10AM. I am definitely not queuing overnight for a signature.

Good luck - hope you manage to get one! A shame it’s in store only 

I would have tried the overnight route. Never underestimate FOMO.

I can only feel sorry for them if there's 100 people willing to do that for a signature.

All I can reasonably do is to be there when the store opens. This is just an hobby, not my job.

How can you stop when your feet say go?

Listen to Ballroom - he speaks the truth.

It's time for you to liveblog the overnight experience.


I see we what ya did there!!!! Well played, sir.

Ha ha.

These are nice signatures and at least we can see he really signed them?  Are you listening Mr. Dylan?

no elton john. i’ve seen a lot better ones although they are better than the recent inserts with first name only . i like the with love addition ones 



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