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Available from Selfridges Corner Shop this Friday - not clear if they’ll be on the website also but assuming this is London in store only

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Hahahaha! Ive just been transported to a magical place!

I've seen this before. When Elton signed his book at Waterstones there were people buying several spare books (only 1 signed allowed per customer), most likely to sell fakes on garBAYge with the same isbn and edition number. Sad to think of the number of people who must have been conned and think they have a real Elton sig at home.

read by David Attenborough , thanks for the entertainment :)

That’s exactly how I see the posters here who go “Thanks! Bought a couple.” Orrrr “My orders (plural) have shipped.” 

Elton would be better selling the signed albums on his store for £350 each and donating that full amount to charity,350 would keep the flippers off them and fans would be reasonably happy to pay that ,as it is hes sold them for peanuts and they have all but for 20 or so ended up in the wrong hands ,shame really 

That’s a great idea!

Amazing lol

If there was a way to save this I would!

Let me add to this discussion .. most if not all of the 100 got there between 2pm- 8pm the day/night before and were all expecting to wait through the night to get the vinyl.It was the security Selfridges employed who decided to hand out wrist bands to the people who were waiting at around midnight.As for flippers or fans ,it's up to everyone what time they want to get there.If wrist bands had not been give all 100 would have waited and when the other ppl turned up at 9am they would have still not got in. It's down to peoples choices what time they get there and for such an amazing item I would say never expect to turn up at 9am and get it. 

Yes, the value of 1 of 100 signed Elton John records would surely attract many flippers and collectors to a shop in London.It seems a sensible decision from Selfridges to hand out wristbands at midnight to save the 100 people queueing up all night.I don't know if they did but they should have put  a notice on the window advising people not to queue once the wristbands had been given out.
I haven't queued up ovenight for anything since the mid 1990s when it was for soccer tickets ( to attend myself not tout) but would probably have done it for one of these records if it was in a local city.

Flippers are the ones who get there super early and camp out for events like this. The flippers are the ones who put in the work and I have no issue with it. Congratulations to everyone who snagged one and I hope the flippers make a fortune 

Flippers and autograph collectors.. they both know whats involved with this hobby.. true fans who are neither most likely have no clue.. as an autograph collector and an Elton fan, if he were to do this in the US, I would have headed to the store the minute I heard about it and figured food and bathroom stuff out later..

sometimes its a waste of time.. I stood in line with 1 other person for red hot chili peppers for a few hours unnecessarily to get a signed cd. When they opened, there were still many available. You never know but Elton is a living legend. It should be obvious what would happen at events like this


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