Be quick these sure to sell out quick 

cheap as

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The new-thread-alerts are a bit spotty lately, missed a couple of offers because I didn’t get one. I stumbled on this one by chance.

Can you advise how to set up a new thread alert please.....I've hunted high and low and can't find it........

Go here

Or whichever page you want to get alerts for.

At the bottom it says follow 

  • Lord knows how I missed that!!! Many thanks !!!

Yeah, not sure why I didn’t get this unless it was moved from outside music?

Thanks a lot!

It's available again with the note "bagged & boarded". What's that supposed to mean?

I think bagged and boarded means it’s sealed in bag with a cardboard backing if you move down page you can click on bagged and boarded and shows you others that are  bagged with a board hope that helps 

i might be wrong I’m guessing 

It’s a comic book collecting term meaning the comic will come in a protective sleeve with a non-acid backing board…

It looks like the incentive copies from Diamond/Image are in the hands of the comic dealers aready, so I wonder how long it'll be until there's any movement with the FP ones.

She posted a short video of her signing these a couple of weeks ago on Insta.
I like the chosen pen, much better than if it were black.

I assumed these would be from the same batch that she was signing for Image/Diamond when I saw how many covers she had, but I guess I was wrong (again)?

I am extremely worried that FP oversold these (which they've done in the past for other limited items) because there did not appear to be many copies near Emilia during today's signing with them.



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