Do people think this is real?  Thanks for your opinions!

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Looks good imo

Do you think $185 is a good deal for this piece?

Looks good to me too. If that checks out, YES. I'm not authenticating Clapton at 2 PM on  Saturday.

Send $15 to Roger Epperson for highly valuable quick opinion:

Look for "Autograph Authentication"

This looks good to me too! The writing matches the pickguard Eric signed and inscribed for me years ago.

Thanks!  Do you think $185 is a good price based on what you've seen his signature go for?

I think its an excellent price imo

the only downside its personalized

That to me is an upside.  More to authenticate - and a context. More is ...more. 

but he asked about value and that hurts it.probaly 50 percent and eric signed without personalition all the time so i would try for one without

So you are saying personalized is "scarcer" (is that a word?)?

yes and worth less.i did eric a few 100 times and never once did he personalize and he signed over 100 guitars for me.

some artist basicly only sign if the peronsonilize and some of them  very rarely at all.

but like garth brooks signs your name so does stevie nicks likes to

as did don henley .

but eric never personalized so he signiture without is very common and more desirable  and worth more.

jimmy vaughn likes to sign it to you and over laps your name into his.

Scarcer and worth less? Hmm...

I'd take the personalized one. And dated.




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