So not only is this not Freddie Mercury's handwriting, but it is also packed full of incorrect information about Mercury. Whoever wrote this claims to be Freddie and claims to have gone to school in Switzerland? Mercury never attended school there. This can't be a genuine Epperson LOA right?

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Just to give those who aren't familiar with his hand an idea- here are examples from both the 70s and the 80s. Even with the forgers attempt to copy his handwriting, they didn't bother to look up real information about Mercury before writing this letter. As I mentioned, he never attended school in Switzerland. His schooling was in India at St.Peter's. The first time Mercury was even in Switzerland was with Queen. Years after his schooling. Apparently the woman who wrote to him sent this to the fan club's address. The address this response letter tells her to use from then on to write him had nothing to do with Mercury, Queen or the fan club.
According to his personal assistant who lived with Mercury, Freddie only ever responded to 2 fans who sent the fan club letters. And he did not allow the fan club to forward letters to his personal address. The first fan he responded to was a gentleman named Collin who was in the hospital and who's family wrote to the fan club asking if Freddie would come visit him. Freddie did not, but did record a song for him and a signed personalized photo along with the tape. The song was released in bonus material after Mercury died. The second (and final) time he responded to a fan was when an artist sent the fan club a "gorgeous" painting of Mercury, that impressed everyone so much- they felt Fred should see it. When he did, he signed it and sent it back to the artist along with a small gift. Outside of that, he didn't respond. Mostly because he didn't see fan letters.


Do you think this looks like Roger's signature?


I don't know what his signature looks like at all. Which is why I'm asking here if that's a genuine Roger LOA or not. I've heard of people faking his LOA before to sell fakes. So if it's not his, he has the right to have it removed from eBay which would help out quite a bit.
Hopefully Roger will have a database one day.


I thought you had seen one. I posted his signature on a genuine cert above. I also note the text "And hand written by Freddie Mercury" perhaps reads oddly (what else would it be), but is also a different font w/o serifs.



You'll have to forgive me, but I can't know enough by just one exmaple. Is this a genuine roger LOA or not? Ive looked it up on google images and see a ton. Of it's not genuine then he needs to be told about it to have it removed. If it is he needs to be told. It's a fake item.

Hi again,

I know, Innuendo. I was just showing one as you said you hadn't seen one. The seller is Jeff Gold? Hmm. I'll leave that to be sorted out. All I am saying is the one I posted is genuine (and came alongside a Jeff Gold cert), and the other from eBay has a different font as noted. If Mercury was simply not schooled in India...that is an interesting point indeed.


Thanks, Eric. I've sent out a message to Steve to ask for help on this. It seems more and more people are forging LOA papers now. I know Roger had some issues with that in the past and he was able to have it removed swifty. Unfortunately that's a growing issue in the hobby. Thanks for the exmaple

Sure, and you just saved me an email. Thanks :)


i know who jeff gold is and ill leave it at that

Jeff's highly respected and reliable.



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