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My first Beatles set came an hr ago and I'm very happy, I'll cherish it. Wanted one for a couple of years now but couldn't afford it. Just thought I'd share, thanks! :)

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How much? I don't like the L in Lennon... for me for the same value there are better set out. Sorry.

How can you say that when you just stated you don't know the cost of this set?

Yes you said, but that wasn't a deal breaker for me and I still liked it! 

For me 5000£

Mr Mojo , Al is very happy with his purchase, please stop the negativity with members that are proud of their purchases, you are entitled to your opinion of course , allot of these members , it’s their 1st purchase, we were all there at one time, let them enjoy their moment in the sun



Lovely set, congrats!!


I have my personal opinion... not negativity... for me if a person collect autographs, the autograph must be visible and complete signed. Not negativity... i'm a serious collector... sorry.

But if all your opinion does is sound negative, maybe you should think about how you ”talk” to people here about their loved graphs.

It's been a theme lately... 

Too bad...never used to be like this....


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