Signed Test Pressing Vinyl and CDs on their website

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FYI: these guys love autopen

That's exactly what I was going to say. I have no idea if they've done autopens for their music releases, but I know they did for that country trading card thing.

Edit: To add, this is through UMG, so just be aware of that.

Fact that this is limited to some extent  (1 vinyl, 2 CDs) provides some hope. May be wishful thinking however 

Understand that but for the price of a regular priced CD , I’m still paying for a regular CD if it does become autopen

Yeah if u actually want the CD it doesn’t hurt either way. 

Ha, the autopen issues were the first thing I was going to reply with too. Country stars seem to love autopens.

Anyone receive this yet?  Are these looking ok or are they another autopen?

I found one on eBay it looks like an autopen...

saw a girl complaining on Twitter about them being autopen and they do look identical

Truth be told the one I found on eBay doesn't even look like an autopen it look like a digital print... it's literally the same print they used on the advertisement these guys don't even try to be discreet with this crap anymore

I'm still waiting on mine but I had a feeling it would be autopen when I saw all the comments after I bought it. I figured that when these artists realized that we will figure out they are not real every time, they would stop but they don't seem to care, even with all the negative publicity they get on social media

We are just glad it was "only" under $20 delivered so it's not a costly mistake! 
On social media they did talk or hype up the signed CD's being offered! So at least they tried! ;-)



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