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Check out these obvious and ugly Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio forgeries on a baseball listed and sold by Ebay seller Bomck61 for $275.00.

You have to be a total moron to spend $275.00 on these piece-of-crap Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio forgeries.

Even though there are a ton of Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, etc. forgeries on Ebay, there are still hundreds of beautiful and authentic authentic autographs of the aforementioned players.

Why in-the-heck would someone spend $275.00 on the below mess of a train wreck set of forgeries!!!!

And to mention, the idiot forger penned his forgeries on a Budig baseball.

But this is why Ebay sellers of forgeries list their crap on Ebay; they know the wannabe autograph collectors and suckers will purchase their garbage.

And Ebay, as they have for the past twenty years, continues to profit from the sales of forgeries.

Here are those laughable Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio forgeries sold by Ebay seller Bomck61 for $275.00.


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Very sad, they ruined a perfectly good ball.


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