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I bought this from this guy for $400. And he told me that he got the signatures in person and it had a Beckett certificate of authentication with it. This is what came in the mail today. Definitely can't trust the coa. But, the signatures could be good. I'm no Cars expert. Please let me know what you think. 

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Yes, sorry. He wanted $400 originally and he ended up taking $375 last minute. 

Here are some examples of “signed” Panorama LPs from the company that used to be Autographs Network:



Since it does not have a Beckett COA, PayPal will not make you return it at your cost. Be sure to file the complaint with PayPal and you should get your money back very quickly. 

BallroomDays67 is right, Autographs Network was the name of a forgery dealer, who is still in business under other names.

Eric, thanks so much for handling removing the post with the names and addresses on it.

No problem Steve. 

Thanks for the info. So are you saying that I should fill out the complaint with PayPal before sending the album back to the guy in the mail. Or go ahead and send at the same time fill out the complaint on PayPal? 

File the complaint with PayPal first, and follow their instructions exactly, no matter what the seller says. 

It won't matter to PayPal that I didn't buy it on ebay or through a website. He sent me a picture of the album to look at but as far as his description of it, it was all done talking on the phone. I just want to clarify things 100 percent. Thanks Steve. 

This guy also has these ones He tried to sell me. What do you think about these

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Are any of these signatures real. This guy is an old man. It's hard to believe he is lying about everything. 

The seller may have bought them thinking they were real.  Maybe he still does.  But that doesn't change anything.

+1 and isn't this seller the one that said it had Beckett and then it didn't? That is not a "senior moment". 

We're tarring and feathering Bing Cherry publicly....and I'm not sure any of us even knows who that is.  Or if he might perhaps have another perspective on this story to share. 

I'm only reading one side of an experience between two parties that was discussed and entered into between them....apparently privately..... over the phone. 



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