I can buy an autograph with a coa from Heroes and Legends.

They are legit ?

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I would advise against it.

Post the autograph.

Done. It's Jeremy Davies on Lost photo, his signature is simple so maybe it's not a fake. And it's not very famous so...

I wouldn't buy a bottle of water from Heroes and Legends if I was dying of thirst in a desert. 



Don't do it!

Ok thank you !

i have a few items with there coa i sent in to psa for further authentication the 2 items i sent to psa fully passed heros and legends have been around for a while ive had no problems with them

You have got to be kidding. Can you post the two items that passed PSA?

Avoid like the plague -- this forum has even mentioned him multiple times.


Myron Ross, a known scammer with a ton of forgeries floating around the market. I saw this exact same COA today on FB Marketplace being used to hawk a fully-signed Floyd album.


After I bought Autograph Collector magazine in 2004 I heard numerous complaints about an advertiser, Heroes and Legends and its owner Myron Ross, that they sold almost exclusively forgeries, mostly Music and Entertainment, and were a well-known supplier of them, especially classic rock, including the often-called California Beatles Forgeries. I kicked them out a month or so after I bought the magazine. 

The UACC kicked them out of the UACC Registered Dealer Program about a year later after their own investigation.



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