Hi, folks!

I'm brand new here so please forgive me if this has been posted in the wrong place or answered 1000 times! :P

Can people please provide their recommendations on the best places to buy horror autographs?

While I love the vintage stuff it's a little out of my price range, so I'm drawn towards the more modern pieces - 1970s onwards.

I've only recently started collecting so any help at all would be invaluable.

Thank you, guys!

Chris :)

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Hi Chris
I don´t collect Horror stuff so I can´t really help you.
But I do have a signed item from the famous horror composer James Bernard.

Would that be of interst for you?

Hi A.B.,

Thanks for your reply.

Wow, that's excellent! Of Nosferatu fame! Is there a way you could email me a pic please? My email is

I can't guarantee my budget would stretch to what you may want but I'll certainly keep it in mind.


Sure...I will send you a pic later today (or may be tomorrow).

Talk to you soon :-)


Hi Chris,

Thank you very much, mate. Will do. :)

Modern horror is actually a pretty good/easy area of collection because there are so many horror conventions in the US. If you can't get to a con, odds are you can find someone who is. They tend to be somewhat more intimate and affordable than comic cons as well.

Cheers, Rich. You're right - although I'm UK based there seems to be more and more coming here, thankfully.

The Cead owner is on our forum and has a lot of horror as well as vintage experience.   You could leave a message on their page to get info. :)

Thanks a lot, Wascher. I'll do that. :)

I'm still finding my way around the site but hopefully I can manage that! :P

That's me he means! I'm easy to reach at

I can ***really*** help you. I'm THE person for horror autographs.


Hi Gary,

Know any collector who would like to own the 35mm master print (very uncropped to all other prints - looks like a Hurell) to "reel X" of Glen or Glenda - George Weiss's personal copy with papers? on 1953 Nitrate. Original tins with soundtracks. RR COA etc.

I have been collecting horror/sci-fi for many years.  The big, big names are expensive in classic horror (Lugosi, Karloff, Chaney etc.) others are quite reasonable such as Vincent Price and Cedric Hardwicke.  So a lot depends on what you want in a collection.  If you are starting I would suggest decide what movie or movie genre you like the best (Frankenstein, Vampires, Werewolves, Aliens etc.)  and narrow the focus.  Personally I have concentrated in recent years on Rosemary's Baby and Kolchak the Night Stalker.  For almost every movie you can afford someone who was in the movie from Dracula, the Frankensteins etc.  Take David Manners he is quite reasonable and was a lead in Dracula (as Jonathan Harker) and The Mummy!  So there are some classic ones out there.  I always advise people to collect what you like not what is popular or a good investment.  Ricou Browning is the last surviving person to play one of the Universal monsters he was the Creature From the Black Lagoon in underwater sequences. He is easy to get and I think he has a website.  You are welcome to click my name and put a friend request in.  



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