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How many times have you received a refund and were told to keep the (authentic they say) item you questioned??

Anyone? I was asked this and have never seen it = unless the item is a problem. Others?

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I have never had this happen.  I believe I only returned one autograph since it was clearly not the one pictured in the listing.  I sent the item back and received a refund.  One other time I won a John Fiedler signed photo and after a long wait had not received it.  They insisted they sent it then wrote to say they found it.  They sent it and offered to give me a full refund and let me keep the photograph.  I told them no I did not need a refund as long as I got the signed photograph.  That arrived and was fine.   The total cost of that I know was under ten dollars.  I never heard of scenario like you give.  If I want a refund, I do not want the autograph I question free or not.

Thank you Scott. My reaction to this was probably obvious.

Mine were mostly problems. One being the Simple Minds in store signing event which they shipped out posted here. I wouldn't have remembered if you didn't bring this up and would be surprised if you remember commenting as well


The only one not problematic was a signed CD of Katie Melua I bought from Amazon. The autograph was authentic, nothing wrong with it but I was unhappy it was just a scribble instead of a full signature. I chatted with them to see about returning or replacing and they just let me keep it with a refund. 

I think I read the title of this post too fast, forget my other response.. this has happened a lot on ebay when the item turned out to be preprint. Im sure every seller was hoping the buyer wouldn't actually check. Most just send a refund without a fight and let me keep the item

This next one had to be returned but deserves a mention for others to keep an eye out.  I purchased a ghostbusters cast signed photo back in 2017 for $500. JSA authenticated. Numbers checked out with their database. I get it and was in shock when I checked. Either JSA missed something or the sticker was removed from the original. It did not take me long to fight and receive a refund but I had to ship the item back. I probably should dig up old photos and make a post about that one. It happened before I was active on here

I recall few times a collector didn't have to return an order found to be a forgery. But that's it.

Once when I got my first fake autograph by Joey Ramone, I'm sure you remember Eric lol. I got refunded and he got banned or something, so i still have the fake pass & poster.

I remember that for sure!

Thank you everyone for replying :-)

the auto-penned Dylan book was by far the biggest refund I was ever issued!  I still have the book which I enjoyed very much.


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