How to buy autographs on eBay; Tips to avoid fakes on eBay

My latest Collectibles Chat video is "How to buy autographs on eBay." While it has something for everyone, it is most valuable to newer collectors by providing tips to avoid fakes.

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For more information on astronaut, cosmonaut and aviation autograph authentication:

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If you are a new collector or looking to increase your knowledge of autographs and have thought of buying on eBay, then this video is a must-see.

Steve is a very knowledgeable guy and I have been happy to call him my friend for many years.

Very informative video, Steve.

Both new collectors and experienced collectors should watch your video.

Ebay is a cesspool of frauds and crooks, and the uneducated collector is exactly the fuel that keeps them in business.  This video provides some valuable guidance and suggestions to minimize the risk when you purchase autographs on Ebay.  Great job on this Steve, I am sure your wisdom will save collectors money aggravation.

Ditto on that, Terrier.

The only person who knows an autograph is authentic is the one who obtained it in person…and they will never be able to “prove” to anyone else it is authentic. All “proof” can be faked.

3rd party authentication is meaningless. They farm it out to 100’s of “authenticators” with minimal or no training. Your opinion is as good as anyone else’s.

I have a Rhiannon Giddens autographed photo that I got in person. The photo slipped while she was signing and any “authenticator would say it’s a fake.

think of all the museums with all their experts and high tech forensics and they still purchase forgeries.

if you want an authentic autograph, get it yourself. Otherwise, assume it’s fake.

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So do you assume autographs you've purchased in the past are fake? If so, why throw your money away?

Mine are obtained in person. (Except for Brigitte Bardot who’s signature is consistent enough and I own enough of to be confident).

Bono, Brian Wilson, Keith Richards, Diana Ross, Robert DeNiro, Pacino, Billie Eilish, Pete Seeger, James Taylor, Carly Simon, George Carlin, Jackson Browne…100s more.

I traveled 100s of miles, waited up to 10 hours at stage doors in cold, rain and snow.

All 100% real in person by me. If you want authentic autographs, you must be willing to work for them.

It’s been about 10 years since I was active…acknowledging that access is more difficult today.

And so those autographs are ultimately worthless to anyone who isn't you? Is it just the thrill of the chase then?

I will never sell them. Of course they are worthless to anyone who isn’t me.

Soon I’ll die and some anonymous clean out crew will toss everything in a dumpster.

I could not give less of a poop about what anyone anywhere thinks is “valuable” or “worthless”.

Well, I guess that explains your darker take on things.

Oh, you mean realistic view of things.

Do you assume you are going to get hit by a car when you leave your home?

Life means having to take some chances.

Educated collectors take fewer chances than un-educated collectors.

We can enjoy the hobby without being paranoid about it because we have knowledge and experience. While maybe not everything we own is 100% authentic we are confident that the majority of our collections are authentic.


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