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I think the biggest issue is that this is Warner Bros. I just did a search through my bank account and had 7 Warner Bros orders in the past 2 years. And 3 of them were refunded for either overselling or some other reason. Guessing that one of my 2 Iggy orders will be #4 out of 7. That % is just ridiculous.

i really dont understad a refound and money back when u ordered a produkt in stock!

 i havbe big trouble with acousticsounds - i ordered some LP and two days layter they send me an email that it is sold out and other b******* and lies couse when i ordered ithems in stock!  and when they cancel my order one day after these LPs are back in stock again... that was big b******* and cheating... i could reorder this LPs couse refound didnt back yet and i didnt have money to buy it again ... so it was sold out very quick again and i could but it agai couse they cancel may order... im angry as f*** ... 

i m waiting for information here on iggy pop store ...i get an email with confirmation my order but i cant log in to their store to see shipped or status my order...

if they send me an email with cancel my order that will be big b******* and cheating couse i order some cd when it was in stock ...

i hate some shops ... they are cheating and they are liars ...thats allllllllll 

Hmm as expected got an e mail e mail from Warners usa today notifying me of delays in getting the lps/cds signed ,no date given 

I also received that email from Warners US.

Warners Canada also sent one, saying the new ship date is Feb 3, due to delays in signing.

Hmmmm Here we go again, just logging into my two US webstore orders.... the one order of 2 'Signed ' CD's isn't even showing on my order history, and the other order with the poster is showing as in progress  - but I haven't received a delayed order e mail? 

My order says "new", so maybe yours is actually in progress of being shipped?

Exactly the same here.  My cd order is gone but my poster order that i ordered the next day is still there. 

Me too. At least that means they are coming. Luckily they didn't do a partial shipment of the unsigned stuff.

Iggy's album is in the UK Top 10 midweek chart....

After they canceled my first order I decided to cancel the 2nd order. I'm leery of this, they had plenty of time to get everything signed before the release date. Iggy is doing live shows this year & he's known for signing after shows usually. 

I'll wait out my backorder. But it sucks that these places take pre-orders and can't get their act together.

Had the same update from Warner today, haven't had very many smooth experiences with them. Must be an ink shortage again, what with all the supply chain issues. Hope some competency emerges at some point, but I doubt it. 



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