Was wondering if someone knows anything about a company called Piece Of The Past because I’ve been looking at a bunch of their events on Touch of Modern. They have a Star Wars one going on right now and I’m super tempted by a Fisher pic for sale - just don’t get how it can be this cheap??269$ including framing!

Not sure how these guys work but Touch gotta at least be making 30-40 points, then cost from framing, Piece Of The Past profit margin. Could they have gotten a Fisher Signed pic for $50??? PSA pics of hers run for over $600 unframed. Am I getting a deal here or being a fool. it has a Global authentics sticker - Are they any good?

I really hope I’m just being paranoid because I just bought a Rolex on Touch Of Modern and if this event is fake, are all events on this site fake too????

Here’s the Star Wars event link;

Thsi is the pic I want;

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Thanks Tim - Not to reassuring though 

IMO, the Fisher you are looking at is suspect. I would avoid this one.


Thanks Joe - Because of the signature, Piece of the Past, or Global Authentics?

Because of the signature. The other two are not positives either but it's the ink that bothers me most.

Always be very wary of anything with a Global sticker.  I have seen some real items with their sticker attached, but that is more of a rare occurrence.

Piece Of The Past
Memorabilia From Music Legends
Based in Las Vegas, Piece of the Past has been a trusted name in the world of rare memorabilia and autographs for over 30 years. Designed to excite, inspire, and offer a bit of pop culture nostalgia, every piece is a stunning and guaranteed authentic piece of history you'll want to show off.

Thanks Marc - I saw that which Is why I wanted to know what the real feeling was about them, their authentication and Touch of Modern I general.

Marc, surely you jest.

Somebody has spiked the kool aid 

is that good or bad Steve?

Ouch - just to make sure I understand, are you saying that about Piece of the Past, Global Authentic, or Touch of Modern???



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