Recently acquired this (I assume to have been) Jackie Robinson Signed Baseball. Would appreciate Specific opinions regarding its signature. Meaning, if you don't like it, I would appreciate if you would share what specifically it is that you dont like about its signature. 

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What happened to the JSA LOA on your below thread, Mike?

Chris, that is when the Gehrig discussion ended, as I am assuming will the fate of this one.  Deja vu all over again, as Yogi once stated.

The same thing happened in the Star Wars discussion.

”I believe he’s tooling with you, sir.”

Mike Bloom,

I hadn't read your Lou Gehrig discussion a link was just posted to before. In that original post you said you had authenticity concerns about it and wanted our opinions before sending it to PSA. 

You had good reason to be concerned. Both the ball and the signature are obvious copies.

Later you said you knew it's real and is certified by JSA. 

Honesty is important here. 

Honesty isn't important to you.

So this is not the community for you.

I am cancelling your membership.


Mike Bloom sent this email last night:

A suspended member has sent you a message on Autograph Live.  mike bloom ( writes:

"Exactly what I thought a f**king loser like
you would do. You built this site to find
people who agree with your theories and
those who dont you boot off!

F**king D********!"

I’m shocked. 

Sounds like a classy guy...

Duly noted.

Steve, if you can still view his answers to the ABOUT ME questions, you will understand what his intentions were from the beginning.  That is why I posted my reply at the beginning of this discussion.  It came on the heels of his Star Wars discussion, where he agreed that more than one of the autographs on the poster were forgeries, and then proceeded to ask how much money he could get for the poster even if all of the autographs were forgeries, since so much work and expertise went into creating them.  Enough time wasted.  Thank you for moderating.

Thanks, Mike. Now that he's been wished into the cornfield, I'd have to reinstate him to read his "about me."

"Theories?"   What a moron.

Can't we have a separate forum that all of his messages would be routed to, purely for entertainment value?



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