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Hi all, i was recommended to come here via Facebook, hope I'm posting in the right area!

I picked up a load of vinyl a while ago that included a Jimi Hendrix axis bold of as love first pressing. I played it and didn't pay much attention but have just noticed that it seems to have been signed by the three members on the inside gatefold.

The consensus online so far is that the signatures are legitimate . Any advice or debunking welcomed. I've already been in touch with some auction houses and will be picking one soon.

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The highest private offer i recieved was $30k but i didn't fancy posting to USA and dealing with currency etc.

Obviously id have loved for it to have sold for 50k or something but i cant really complain on a £3 purchase.

We did kinda enjoy the auction experience, although felt like it went a bit weird with the bidding. Fingers crossed i can find a signed White Album next lol

Ah its done now in the end its a £14997 profit cant be sniffed at 

19k, but i don't know how the CGT works so that will take of a big chunk, unless that's what you were referring to 

I was thinking more bonhams sellers commission, either way its thousands more then the £3 you paid for it ,enjoy it and keep buying the boxes of lps maybe check them before you put them on discogs though ,that was a close call  

You sold into the market and made a killing off it. You have nothing to be bothered by; at the end of the day, you're the biggest winner in this scenario.

Congratulations, Lewis!  You must have been on an emotional rollercoaster today.  Go celebrate with a bottle of something nice, you deserve it.


Have a great summer with your family, Lewis, and let's all raise a toast tonight to Jimi, Mitch and Noel.

I will never forget the first time I held a copy of Electric Ladyland in my hands - lol, I was 12 or so - but, more importantly, heard Purple Haze, Hey Joe and, oh, LITTLE WING . God bless him/them!!

I think you'd have to say that £19k before buyer's premium was a solid result. There wasn't much to go on in coming up with the estimate range but the final price was at the top end of it.

I wonder whether it is a total coincidence that the final price, including buyer's premium, was almost identical to the RR example that sold in 2015. Maybe this earlier sale set some kind of price cap in the minds of some bidders.

Comparing the two examples, I'm also wondering whether they were signed at the same time. The Jimi seems very similar and in both cases Mitch and Noel have signed on the "wrong" side.  The pen used by Jimi also looks to have been similar, though the ink is a different colour now.

In terms of desirability, I'd say it is a case of "swings and roundabouts". Obviously the RR example was in better nick and Jimi's placement was far better. On the other hand, you could hardly read Noel's autograph.

Either way, auction prices for such "top drawer" items are hard to predict. Either you have at least two determined bidders or you don't. In this case it looked like it was sticking at £15k until Full Time Flipper (FTF) and maybe some others entered the arena once again.

This has certainly been a very interesting story to follow. Thank you Lewis for being so open and letting us be part of it. 

This forum has been a big part of my enjoyment of the situation, so i thank you all for being part of it.

I know who bought the record so i think everyone will be seeing it for sale again in the future, but I'll be trying to avoid any future sales and potential lost money on my side!

Just briefly...if a dealer bought it you have to expect that they will want to earn something on it. I would say a 30% mark-up is the minimum they'd want to make unless they already had a buyer lined-up. I think 30% is also reasonable given the time and money they have invested in building their business and the (in this case moderate) risk they are taking. That said, I would also want to avoid seeing it on a dealer's site if I were in your shoes.

Yeah for sure. I buy records i want and am happy to sell for a small (or hopefully decent) profit on my discogs all the time. Just not quite the same margins!

I'm happy with the result and hope the buyer is too

Well, your overall margin must look a whole lot healthier after this particular sale...


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