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The blame here falls on me because I don't identify moderators like I should. Eric, Jimmy...I'm sorry.

Lots of newbies buy Beatles autographs. Few get them checked out before they buy like Jimmy did. Most buy, get burned, and stop buying.

I don't think Jimmy's been dishonest. I think his perception may have been that he was attacked. I think that he expected only positive authenticity opinions in this second discussion, due to Roger's 2 opinions, and Ballroom's and mine—hey...Jimmy's new and probably assumed that since I own this site I know what I'm talking about! ;)

The escalation here was my fault. Let's try not to let this one situation cause hard feelings between anyone.

"...since I own this site I know what I'm talking about! ;),,,"

Aha! :)

Of course this thread must not be perceived as...a litmus test of who we are or what we do. That cant not be summed up so succinctly. 

I am always open to discussion.

 Out of interest has anyone  got the ebay link for this item?

Here is the ebay link you asked for Michelle, it will of course say it's ended as I bought it after July 2020 discussions with Roger Epperson...

thanks for the link Jimmy.   .  People are actually just trying to help although you probably dont feel that they are  because this is a lot of money for anyone to pay for these autographs , and it is better to be super safe rather than sorry.   However, if you are happy with the autographs that is the main thing & I hope you will continue to be so

This seller, I am pretty sure has been discussed before. She has 2 ebay personnas.  Anyone remember the recurring  episode of The Brian Jones autograph?  I am sure she was the seller.

 And it would be nice if the name calling could stop from all sides especially using the word 'bitch' which I am assuming is not being used as a verb as in 'to bitch', - its not nice as a woman to read this


Well, I can see I need to defend myself again from Jimmy and his band of misfits. I used the words “don’t be a bitch” as in don’t be someone who b****** aka complains, antagonizes nonstop. It has NOTHING to do with gender (thanks for trying to spin it that way), but I’ll shut that down real fast.

how else am I using it? Telling a man not to become a woman? Get a life.

Hi Michelle, thanks for your kind words, and I agree NOBODY should use vulgar bad language here or refer to another member as a 'BITCH" (perhaps it speaks to Joe Ohio's character/class). Concerning the Lennon/Harrison I wanted to share this with you:Roger Epperson is so good that he DID NOTICE the Lennon signed on the sleeve as an Aspinall, and that's why HE EXCLUDED LENNON's name from the REAL Epperson COA FOR THE SLEEVE ONLY as you can see here: ROGER EPPERSON NAILS IT AGAIN IN VERIFYING ONLY THE LENNON ON THE DIARY PAGE. Thanks Michelle, wishing you all the best, Jimmy

Cool, I’ll move on. Buh-Bye 

Bye Bye Joe...hope that same door doesn’t hit you on the arse on the way out. Would’ve been even better if you took some of your bully gang with you.....peace and love xxx 


I don't let members close their discussions, because it's important for them not to be able to control what other members post. The free sharing of information and opinions is an integral part of Autograph Live.

I'll close discussions from time to time or other moderators occasionally will, either at my direction or temporarily if needed while awaiting my direction. 


I'm answering yesterday's messages and see that Jimmy James asked me to close his account. I just did so per his request. My apologies, Jimmy.

Just saw this, and I'm a bit late to the discussion but I'm a huge JOHN LENNON fan! 

IMO both the John Lennon and George Harrison are exemplary of their signatures from 1963, and

I see reading through all the comments that these were fully COA'd by expert Roger Epperson too.

I vote 100% legit, no question in my mind.



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